What began as a conference for moms, Praying Moms for Christ believes the time is now to fight for our families. We are aiming to make a difference in the lives of men, women, and youth at this year’s Undefeated Conference. Undefeated 2.0 is an “upgraded” version that not only is a conference for women, but we also will be hosting a family oriented youth night, and a men’s only night. Here’s what you can expect…

Armored Youth

What will be a fun and power packed night for the entire family will include fun giveaways, pizza for the first 100 people. We are focusing on armoring the youth to be world changers for Jesus. Childcare is not available but children are welcome.

Fierce Women – Women only

Ladies, we’re back! We are excited to lock arms again and reengage as fierce women of God taking a stand against anxiety and fear! This day conference is meant for all women, ages 12 and up.

You’ll experience refreshing worship, empowering word, and meaningful fellowship with fellow sisters in Christ on Saturday, September 26, 2020. This is your time to refill your cup, break free from strongholds, and hear from dynamic speakers who desire for you to live more meaningful lives as moms, wives, and daughters of the King!

Our desire is that this Holy Spirit led conference will refresh your soul, mind, and body in a way that only God can. Don’t wait, register now for this special conference as space is limited.

Winner’s Circle – Men only

Men, this event can produce lasting change in life, starting with you. This one-night Undefeated event is for all men, ages 12 and up.

At Winner’s Circle (WC), our first faith-based men’s conference will gather in Gallup, NM on Saturday night, September 26, 2020. Join us as you’ll discover the importance of identifying yourself as a winner who is able to do all things through Christ Jesus!

This conference will be a time to reflect, refocus, and dream again as you will encounter God alongside brothers in Christ who are seeking lifelong change as it relates to kingdom purpose, family, relationships, business, and more.

Regardless of your age, ethnicity or socioeconomic background, you’ll have the support of believing men who want to embark on this journey with you.

Winner’s Circle (WC) was especially formed for men to become equipped to dismantle any confusion, fear, and dysfunctional habits that hinder you from winning in life. It is our prayer that you come ready to experience God’s transformation power. Register today!