Dr. Lisa Brown

With God’s grace, the Undefeated Conference began under the leadership of Dr. Lisa along with her supportive husband Nate Brown. After seven years of courtship they married and chose to start their family in Phoenix, AZ. In 2015, Lisa became a first-time mom and received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Although she had goals to teach and research, she was heavily impacted by postpartum depression. Lisa found much comfort and strength in attending women’s bible studies, and praying with seasoned believers at a fourth watch prayer group. Lisa also did the “soul” work of attending a Freedom course and conferences at her local church while receiving Christian counseling.

As Lisa grew deeper in her understanding of the word, her life changed for the better. She wanted to give other women a chance to experience the life changing freedom that she received throughout her healing journey. She organized various ministry events in Phoenix as well as returning home to the Navajo Reservation to host bible studies and fellowship nights. Lisa’s heart was impacted when she observed that many women desired to connect, to express themselves freely, to receive prayer, and to feel valued. With God’s help, it was time to plan her first conference. 

In 2018, Lisa hosted the Undefeated Conference in Gallup, NM where over 120 women and their families gathered from the nearby Navajo Reservation. There was a unique atmosphere and anointing for healing that exceeded what Lisa could have imagined. The Holy Spirit simply refreshed everyone in attendance! It was a glorious and unforgettable experience that she hoped would happen again in the near future. 

Dr. Lisa and her family relocated to Dallas, Texas where she homeschools her two children, authored the Living Full Cookbook: Making Family Meals Abundantly Good, and founded Living Full Company. Still having a heart for ministry, she connected with other ministers who share her passion for helping people become healed and whole. 

Speaker Details
Speaker Details
Event Details
March 24, 2023
7:00 pm
$0 for evening services; $35/person for daytime conference ($20/person for groups of 5 or more)